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Your donations will help further support:

  • Facilitating and funding collaboration, interaction and research among the leading scientists to enable new breakthroughs in ideas, theories and experimentation.
  • The creation of an international research institute in Vancouver, Canada to make the archive collection available for the advancement of physics research.
  • Using those materials and research advancements arising from them to inspire interest and enthusiasm in physics in today‚Äôs youth.
  • Hosting conferences and workshops that will include an ongoing series of public lectures, debates, and other public events, with lecturers and panelists drawn from globally recognized experts in the fields of quantum mechanics and general relativity.
  • The acquisition of the Michael Wright collection of historical archives and papers of leading physicists collected over the last 40 years. This collection includes scientific papers, notes, working papers, and lectures associated with the attempts over the past century to reconcile these two theories.